Common childhood illnesses & well-being
A parent's guide for children aged 0-4


Every parent or carer wants to know what to do when a child is ill - use this guide to learn how to care for your child at home, when to call a GP and when to contact emergency services.

Most of the problems you will come up against are simply an everyday part of growing up, often helped with a chat with your midwife, health visitor or pharmacist. Almost all babies, toddlers and children will get the most common childhood illnesses like chickenpox, colds, sore throats and ear infections. While these are not very nice at the time they are easy to treat by your GP or at home with the support from a GP or health visitor rather than an unnecessary trip to A&E.

This handbook helps point you in the right direction and explains what you can do at home to help, or where you need to go to get assistance and advice. It has been put together with help from healthcare professionals. If you are worried you must get further advice. Trust your instincts, you know your child better than anybody else.

This handbook also contains general welfare information which will help you keep you and your child safe and healthy.

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